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- San Pedro is a teacher cactus known as "sky gates guard", it is a mountain medicine that  reconnects us with our divine nature, opens gates to spiritual world in communion with visions and higher state of consciousness. It´s called "huachuma" or "aguacolla" in indian "quichua" language.
San Pedro is used for healing and for spiritual goals, opening channels to connect ourselves with the entire cosmos and spiritual universe. This medicine touches deeply our heart and the result is to feel a cosmic love and compassion towards yourself and others.
-  Ayahuasca is essentially a jungle medicine for the soul that works on all levels of your being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, has divinatory and healing purposes and spiritual revelations regarding our purpose on earth and spiritual awakening. Ayahuasca is very powerful and taken as we prepare it raw, it becomes a deep healer and cleanser (you "vomit out" your egoism, your fears, foreign imprints and spirits).


-  Temazcal prepare the body, soul and spirit for the experience of sacred medicine plants.
-  Living food and unpredictable games feed all our needs as a whole being, carrying us till the beginning of live, and holding us to know deeply the secrets of sacred plants.
-  All our journey in this sacred and healing process focus in sharing a connection with the spirit within and outside ourselves. You will have all the support during all the time of your staying.