Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Retreat and Healing Center?
Everything has to be included for your best healing food, accomodation, workshops,  ceremonies and a smile allover.

For how many people the center is ready? 

We have a capacity for 35 people comfortably accommodated.

Pets permited? Not permited.

Age restrictions? 

We don´t have age restrictions for sure and we have people to help who need it.

Can I stay longer after my healing retreat? 

If you need to stay longer, we will discuss it at the center, depending on which are your real needs at the end of your healing and retreat.

What about passport and vaccines? 

You just need your valid passport for 6 months and don´t need any vaccine at all to come to Ecuador.

How much cash do I need to take with me? 

You will be able to access ATM´s in town, but there are usually daily limits so plan accordingly. You should bring enough cash to pay your Remaining Balance (Check out Registration Page options), and a few hundred dollars for taxis and other expenses you choose to make. 

 What kind of clothes do I need? 

Please check in Getting here and What to bring.

How many people are in a ceremonies?

Is in between 15 to 30 people maximum at a time.

Can I bring musical instruments?

Here we use our voice and we do workshops where everybody will share our unknown and unpredictable voice capacities.

Can I get phone calls?

We have two lines available to receive calls.

Do I need to bring my own bedding, mosquito net, food or water?

You don´t need anything beside What to bring.

There is no mosquitos that could bite you in our farm.

It is possible to do gardening or some agriculture work during my stay? 

If you have time, we would be glad to accept your help.  

Your sharing rooms are mixed ? 

As you desire, we have only sharing rooms for two or three people maximum.

Do you do some kind of art workshops and do I need to bring something for that?

We do art workshops and we provide materials, but would be good if you take any kind of paint, brushes, pencils, etc. 

How can I contact you for any extra question?

We have our contact form or check down page for telephone lines and Skype.

How I pay? - See Registration Page
You have to make a  $400.00 deposit at the moment you make your reservation and the balance due at the check in.

Will there be wireless internet access?

Yes we have but we recommend you to use it occasionally to profite better your staying. Please, bring your I-phone laptop or I-pad... anyway we have two laptops for community use.

It is possible to cook in your place? 

We don´t have stove and we do eat raw, is the way we have to heal your body and spirit.

Books for reading?

Books are OK. because you will be in silence... anyway is preferable get in all the activities proposed beside reading.

Which airport do I need to flight to and wich airline flight there?

Please go to Getting here 

Do I need to avoid medicines before I´m joining the retreat center?

Would be great, but in the way we detoxify, you could wait till you arrive for not being in health danger.

Who is the staff? 

The staff is mixed, foreigners and Ecuadorians. Everybody is kind and will support you. Some of them speak english and some speak spanish.

What kind of activities  are available beside workshops and others? 

There are many walks to do in the surroundings, in our own farm we have a swimming pool, trails going all over and we are not far from the river where you can take a good bath.

What about if I need a dentist or an hospital emergency? 

In town you will find all what is necessary and we have a good dentist and good private hospital in case of an accident... what we don´t wish for you.

Cigarretes, marihuana, drinks or drugs permited? 

Not permited at all because they perturb the elimination process and ceremonies.

I need to start a diet before I arrive to the center?

The best would be if you could have any raw diet before coming, at least one week... it will help you to detoxify. For us is more important if you can avoid vitamins before coming.

Are they any items that can I bring/donate for the center? 

For ceremonies, you can get White sage, Cedar leaves,Desert Sage, chocolate, organic tobacco, organic soap and organic shampoo, art supplies for workshops. If you feel donating something else, please just do it.



Welcome to our Retreat and Healing Center